My son Tim Simon said one day, immersed in the contemplation of my glass work „mysterium amoris“: Mom, you give people a language who have no words, no pictures for their feelings and thoughts. Through you, they feel understood.“

Since my early childhood, I have been trying to give the whisperings of my soul, through the language of art, a dress, a voice.

Born in the heart of Europe, in the border triangle of Austria, Bavaria, Bohemia, with winters of Siberian proportions from the end of September to the end of April and very short, intense summers with the most magnificent nature, which have profoundly shaped my understanding of the need to live in the moment.

In these first four years of my life, my beloved grandmother, who gave life to 14 children, taught me that the indestructible basis in life is the deep love for nature, for flowers.

On these long winter evenings, my grandmother planned, down to the smallest detail, what should be planted in the coming spring, so that flowers could show their beauty throughout the summer.

 With her I walked through forests and meadows to collect herbs and berries; infinite lightness and security for my child’s heart.

My grandmother’s life motto: “ Freedom is not automatically given to you, you have to take your freedom, no matter what happens in your life“ is my air to breathe.

My mother lived this unwavering trust in divine love for a too short lifetime, especially in her most painful times.

May this seed of unconditional love, standing above all, placed by my mother and grandmother, blossom in a beautiful flower in my children Esther Sophia and Tim Simon.

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